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The end of our newest beginning

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

Our centre at West (Glendene, Auckland) has been a long time in the making annd we can honestly say that the process has been both challenging and rewarding. We're very focussed on opening the doors very soon and through our work with Church Unlimited, community partners and new staff an families we will be well on our way

What has been completed?

- Meeting the Church Unlimited Team and talking about the possibility of working together towards an Early Childhood Education centre

- Deciding how this partnership would work

- Planning and design of centre building

- Gaining all required consents and paperwork to satisfy Council regulations

- Beginning renovations

- Hiring staff

- Completing landscaping, exterior improvements and signage

What we look forward to:

We can't wait to start creating partnerships with local families and spreading our promise of 'strengthening families' to other parts of Auckland. If you know someone in the West Auckland area that is looking for a new childcare place that genuinely believes that your child isn't just a number, then refer them on to us. Through working together and developing relations with those in that community our vision can be outworked. Let's not forget the importance of our children, that they are the priority at all times - especially in busy periods like we're currently in.

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