"The best kind of parent you can be,       

                is to lead by example"

Our Good Seeds SuperGrans Team is a group of experienced locals whose goal is to see young families flourish.

We work to equip parents with life skills that strengthen them and prepare their family for a bright future.


We share our experience in cooking for a family, promoting family health, helping your children do well, growing food, and household management, so you build a positive family culture and your money goes further.


Operating in Mangere and in Riverside Communities we run workshops, small group sessions and one on one coaching.   All are welcome and our services are free.

Please contact us if you are interested or check out our Good Seeds SuperGrans Facebook Page.

Chilli Mince and Bean Pie

A quick, easy recipe that will be sure to entertain your family with something different!

SuperGrans Recipe of the month

Chrissy Ikiua

SuperGrans Coordinator

Chrissy is a mother of 2 and is passionate about working with the families in our community. She loves to educate, support, encourage and inspire our families in everything that they do. 

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