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Meet the team: Helen Senior

Talofa everyone,  My name is Helen Senior. I am the Children’s Manager at Good Seed Trust. My role is to work alongside and support our Early Childhood centres and teachers at Shiloh-Mangere, and Riverside Mt Wellington to ensure we are delivering a quality robust programme to achieve the best outcomes for our tamariki.   I also help support our “FREE playgroup” that we run 3 days a week at Mervan Street Mangere. We are currently extending our services out to West Auckland (exciting) so watch this space. The heart of the Trust is to “Strengthen families” which I value and am passionate about. We not only work with your child, but we believe in working with your whole whanau, in any way we can to support you. You may see me from time to time around the place, please come and say “Hello”. I would love to meet you. Every day I am reminded to give thanks to our God. Giving thanks reminds us of how much we do have. When we thank God for the things we usually take for granted our perspective changes. I challenge you today to think of “10 things” that you can be thankful for and begin to thank God for his goodness.   Have a blessed day Helen 

Some of my wonderful family

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