Out-of-School &
After-School Care

"Free the child's potential, and you will transform them into the world"

At Good Seed Trust, our OSCAR (Out-of-School Care & Recreation) services are more than just about taking your kids off your hands when you need them out of the house or while you're at work during the week. Our experienced team genuinely care about your children's learning and development which means they're always making sure homework is being completed (when school is in) and in Holiday Programs that there is always an element of learning activity in each day. 
We offer Before-School Care, After-School Care, Holiday Programs and also an alternative FREE 'Breakaway' Program that runs during school holidays which is aimed at ages 12-17. You can be assured that as with all our services, your children are always our top priority. 
A video created from one of our recent holiday programmes!
We believe that our people are the most creative people there are, and if we can capitalize on that early, our children can go far in life. Thanks for trusting them to us.

Once Upon

a Taimi

Check out photos from our most recent production, featuring talent all from our local community. A  privilege to show off all the talent we have in our families and rewarding to see the happy faces on parents. grandparents, aunts, uncles and so on!
Look out for next year's edition!
OSCAR Services
We know how vital these years are in a child's life so we have services that cater to the various needs of each individual. You're more than welcome visit any time to see what's on offer


*WINZ Subsidy available

Supervision and transport to school for your children

(includes Breakfast)



Holiday Programme

*WINZ Subsidy available

Supervision, excursions and full van service during School Holidays

(includes Breakfast & Afternoon Tea)



After-School (Panama)

*WINZ Subsidy available

 Supervison, afternoon tea, curriculum projects, homework, computers, baking and lots more (includes van pick-ups)




No charge for this service

FREE program for 12-17 year olds that runs alongside our School Holiday Programme



After-School (Mangere)

*WINZ Subsidy available

Supervison, afternoon tea, curriculum projects, homework, computers, baking and lots more

(includes van pick-ups)



OSCAR Glendene


We'll keep you updated on the progress of our newest centre opening, message us below for info!



Our Locations

Good Seeds OSCAR Mangere
18R Mervan Street
7am-8am & 3pm-6pm
5 years - 11 years
(09) 275 1065
027 537 3115
Good Seeds OSCAR Panama
Panama Road School
Mt. Wellington
5 years - 11 years
(09) 275 1065
027 537 3115

Aioi Iona-Fruean

Youth Manager

Aioi comes from a teaching background and has been leading the OSCAR team for 5+ years. As a parent she knows how valued a child should be

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