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"People are more likely to succeed when in partnership

with like-minded individuals"

We believe that the power of the community comes from the partnerships that exist in them already. They don't need external intervention, just the right tools and people who have the skills to bring them together, that encourage making the most of what we have. Our GST Family Engagement Workers are there in any and all family situations and work with you to reach a point where you can lead your children and spouse in setting positive examples. Let's unite to move our community and our people to a position of strength

Do you know someone/ a family who needs support through a visit from one of our team?

We've got a wonderful team happy to help out and get families in our community growing stronger together.


Lifi Ikiua

Community Manager

Lifi has over 30 years' experience working in mentoring roles across youth and helping improve family situations in the community

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