L.I.T. Youth

Leaders in Training

"Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.."

We are a group of young leaders from the community who are passionate about the next generation of future leaders and making sure they reach their full potential, writing their own stories and forging their own paths. From experience we know that growing up in challenging environments and situations can prevent us from following dreams - this is why we do what we do. 
Aarie, Vinny annd Sipa are all locals, born and raised and have first-hand experience of life in the family culture that most of us are familiar with. As well as this they have first-hand experience in notable leadership and mentoring roles whilst also having significant influence in their own community, church groups, clubs etc.
LIT (Leaders in Training) shares the same vision as Good Seed Trust to see families flourish and this is another service that we have to achieve success in the long-term. 
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