ECE & Playgroup

" I came that they may have life and have it abundantly" John 10:10

At Good Seed Trust, we are made up mostly of parents so we know how important it is that your children receive only the best care. We offer multiple ECE (Early Childhood Education) centres around Auckland, but rest assured our service is the same wherever you go. As well as this we have a Playgroup that runs three times a week for parents who are still preparing to send their children off to 'little school'.


Our staff are greatly experienced and treat all children as they would their own to ensure a safe and secure learning environment. If you're interested in any of these at all send us a message or fill out the form below. All welcome. Additionally we offer a FREE transport service to collect and drop off. Please enquire to see if you're eligible for WINZ Subsidies /or 20 Hours FREE ECE*.


Some of our Good Seeds Staff & Families

ECE Centres

Our ECE Centres are fun learning environments with your choice of AM, PM or all day sessions for your children. 

  • All staff NZ-qualified /or in-training

  • FREE Van Collect & Drop-off service

  • Local for 30+ years

  • Multi-cultural/many backgrounds

  • Talk to us to see if we can cater to your specific needs 

  • Flexible attendance arrangement

  • WINZ Subsidy/20hrs FREE ECE*

Good Seeds Playgroup

Playgroup provides a positive environment for parents and their young children who are being cared for at home. 

We aim to: 

  • Provide a quality educational experience for children

  • Provide support and encouragement for parents

  • Build relationship with community agencies that can provide support for the families who are part of the playgroup

Good Seeds
Children's Centre 
201 Buckland Road
3 months - 5 years (inc.)
(09) 275 1069
Good Seeds Playgroup
18a Mervan Street
All parents welcome
(09) 275 1065
Good Seeds
Children's Centre 
11 Peace Ave
Mt. Wellington
2 years - 5 years
(09) 270 0319
Good Seeds
Children's Centre 
3 Te Atatu Rd
3 months - 5 years
(09) 869 2751

Susie Mareangareu

Centre Leader (Mangere)

Susie has been with Good Seeds for 20+ years and her experience enables parents to trust and rely on us as carers 


Sala Harigitoni

Centre Leader (Riverside)

Sala is passionate about seeing our tamariki grow, especially making them feel cared for and safe alongside her friendly staff

Victoria Sequeira

Acting Centre Leader (Glendene)

Victoria is an experienced and passionate teacher and leader at our new Glendene Centre. 

Have a question? Get in touch!

Christine Ikiua

Playgroup Coordinator

Christine is a welcoming face to all that attend Playgroup, a loving mum and passionate about young mothers in the community

Good Seeds Mangere FB Group
Good Seeds Riverside FB Group
If your child attends our centres, feel free to join their group page
Good Seeds Glendene FB Group
Good Seeds Playgroup FB Group

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