Learning Philosophy

  • Including Christian principles and teaching in the programme
  • Children learn through play, children learn best when they are engaged in experiences that they are interested in
  • Parents as child’s first teachers, we value the contribution they can make to their child’s learning
  • Having a homelike atmosphere within a caring and stimulating environment where children can feel safe and secure. We will nurture an atmosphere of respect
  • We encourage children to learn and develop at their own level and pace which will give them a sense of self worth and gain confidence and self importance
  • We embrace the diversity and cultures of all children.

What we are about

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Psalm 127:3 Children are a heritage from the Lord

Te Whaariki (The early childhood curriculum)

  • Empowerment - Whakamana: To learn and develop to their potential

  • Holistic development - Kotahitanga: To provide a curriculum where all aspects of a child’s learning and development will flourish

  • Family & Community Whanau Tangata: To develop ongoing collaborative relationships with Whanau and community ensuring those links enhance the richness of cultural diversity

  • Relationships-Nga Hononga: Establishing valuable relationships with between Staff/Whanau and children that are reciprocal, positive and encouraging.

Transition to School

  • Prior to attending primary school, teachers encourage self help skills, concentration span, respect for teachers, self, peers and equipment
  • Good Seeds will have information available on all local schools and their enrolment requirements
  • The primary care giver will have a discussion with the parent about preparation for school including a discussion to ensure that school visits are carried out by the parent or the primary care giver if the parent is unavailable
  • Children have discussions with teachers about the difference between Good Seeds Centre and primary school. Books, pictures and similar material will be used to give children some insight as to what to expect
  • Our teachers make every effort to visit the local primary schools and new entrant teachers are encouraged to attend sessions at Good Seeds
  • Children take with them their individual portfolio as a keepsake. These are to be accompanied by a report written by the centre outlining the childs strengths as related to the Te Whaariki strands and linking them to the New Zealand Curriculum.

NB. In 2015 we have resourced the centre with latest IT resources for children An 'Activetable' and 'Touch interactive screens', with individual tablets are available for small group learning.


Please use our contact form below to email us with any questions suggestion or issues you may have and a member of our team will respond to your email as quickly as possible.
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When your child comes

  • Please bring in your child’s immunisation certificate (Plunket book or printout from their GP)
  • They need a form of ID (birth certificate or passport)
  • Send a complete change of clothes in a named bag
  • If your child is in nappies send enough disposable nappies for the day (A charge is made of $1 per nappy, if there is none)
  • We have a “Healthy Heart Award” so please provide a healthy packed lunch that does not require heating up, in a named container; like sandwiches, yoghurt and fruit. Children may not bring pies, sausage rolls, chips, noodles, (including Twisties, etc) lollies, gum, chocolate or fizzy drinks.

Fees: $5 per hour

  • Don’t forget to get your childs Free 20 hours for your three and/or four year old, we will help you with this process
  • Fees are still charged when your child is absent, including public holidays
  • Make-up time is available and taken within a fortnight of the absence, depending on spaces
  • A government subsidy for fees is available to those who qualify
  • Payment of fees can be made by Automatic Payment/internet banking.


  • Parent or caregiver must sign the attendance register each day as your child comes and as they leave
  • We love to see your children here in the designated times allocated to them.
  • We have pickup vans to make sure your children can make the most of their time with us
  • If your child is away for 3 weeks we will need to discuss changes.