Good Seed Trust – an organisation dedicated to improving the families and lives in our community

Our vision is to provide programmes that Strengthen Families and transform communities.

SStrengthening family through active involvement
EExcellence in our actions
EEmpowering families to thrive
DDedication to Christian principles
SSincerity is our spirit

Our Services

Childcare Services – Good Seed Trust has two thriving centres that deliver the best quality care for your children, in an environment that is safe and encourages vital developmental learning

OSCAR Programme – Our award-winning OSCAR programme (Holiday Programmes and After-School Care) has experienced staff that can cater to the needs of your primary and intermediate aged children to relieve the hassle of an already busy lifestyle!

Fathers and Kids events  – A regular get-together of Fathers in the community that helps to build relationship through interaction with other male parents and a chance for kids to grow in closeness and trust with their dads, a gap we have identified as a leading cause of struggling families in not only our region, but in this country

SuperGrans – Raewyn leads a fortnightly session aimed at equipping local mothers with skills that extend themselves as parents, such as cooking various meals and mentoring on parenting advice

Playgroup – Our Mervan playgroup leader Tasha Salei runs playgroup, which allows mums, and children who aren’t ready to transition to daycare a look into what the next step looks like and makes a more comfortable experience

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Our Mission: Providing Quality Care and Learning Experiences for Children, Youth and Families

Raewyn Paapu founded a childcare centre named Shiloh Children’s Preschool, which was then under the Shiloh Fellowship Trust.

Good Seeds Children’s centres were started by a group of people dedicated to making a difference in the community. Today that vision is still the same and we are now a larger community-focussed organisation with a number of services on offer!

Our History

2006 – Good Seed Trust was given governance of Shiloh Children’s Preschool

2007 – Out of School Care and Playgroup were started

2010 – Contracted by MOE for pilot of eight supported Playgroups

2011 – Held Parenting Events with Pio & John
in the community
2012 – Centre name changed officially to Good Seeds Children Centre
Fathers & Kids events in the Community commenced, partnering with SKIP presently ongoing with Foundation North grants
Young Adult Open Mic night also started in Otahuhu with Affirming Works
2013 – Playgroup pilot was completed. Transferring seven playgroups to other providers in the surrounding communities. Picking up / dropping off service was added for the Centre and OSCAR

2014 – Good Seeds became licensed for 80 children with a celebration in August for redevelopment
ERO granted a level three standard
2015 – Four vans are used for picking up / dropping
off service
Out of School Care service hit maximum numbers and
was/is involved in the community Digital Hub
Playgroup has a group of families building a supportive environment for their children
Fathers & Kids activities take place throughout the year with an established group of men
2016 – New Initiatives and support for our families and surrounding communities will be taking place.

We love thriving families